10 nov. 2010


I need my world back.
Trust me and ignore the monster.

Lobotomize me.

I am still alive.
It crashed me apart.
Undead, I die in every dream I make.

I will say "please".
Make me feel beautiful.
Worthless effort wasted on me.
Torn my thoughts to pieces.

Run, run, run.
I swallow you whole
And I choke.
You're too much.

Mess me.
Stop breathing.
Heart attack.
Eyes suffocate.

Cut me in half.
Tear me open.
Tear me apart.

Lobotomize me.

Undo it all.
Spit me out.

10 oct. 2010


The unspoken answers of an underlying thought drew the imprecisions and undermined the reasons of our being here tonight.
The outspoken question of our minds' imperfections drew the difficulties of an ordinarily indecision.
When faced with three resolutions we are prone to accept the worst evolution of a succession of question marks.
Upon one's discretion are ways of possessing different truths. Given the preferences we are assuming indirect control of each others actions.
The distinct separation of the miscalculations brought to light the coming ages of our persuasions.
Blinded by the dawn of reason we pack off the certainties and dismiss the options for the essential return to the end.

26 apr. 2010

[censored] Dear Sir,

They say I don’t act nice, first to finish every single conversation, but you know better than that, cause you’re waiting and you know this is not getting us anywhere. It is not supposed to get us anywhere, and by now you should feel the relief.

Do you remember that night I told you I love both of them more than I’ll ever be able to love you? Be my confidant, my friend, my shoulder to cry on. Hear my grief and wash away my tears because I miss so much and I am sad.

Distance is the basic concept in my fundamental reality. Being apart, one coffee, one tooth brush. It was his choice to leave. I used to believe in forever. But then I’ve met you, so I guess there is not enough room for the three of us anyway. Or the four. I heard your hands are full.

So I’m sure you had fun last night. I had to stay awake. To stay away. Or I would have had some vodka and call you around three, but they told me I should start behaving better. They think I’m irresponsible, as if they even knew the meaning of such word. Don’t worry, I’ll always find my way back to you. Listen to the music.

I’ve been wanting to ask you, do you mind if I get to know your friend better? I’ve been talking with him lately, he makes me smile. He admires you very much, and I love the way he talks about you. I think we could have fun together.

Don’t frown, I know you’ve been busy and it’s ok, we need to know life so we can really appreciate each other. I’m the one who’s gonna stand by you till the day you die. Remember when I told you we should choose our own death, plan our funeral, so fun. I want to know one year in advance when I am going to die so I can start becoming a better person. I am too busy now, I have to deal with all my daily important stuff. You are busy too, that’s why you forgot to write.

So did you listen to the music?

They say it’s all in the words, they are so wrong, it’s all about the way it smells.

Did you wash your hands? Brushed your teeth before you went to bed?

You frown again.

It would be really nice if we had no mood swings two weeks in a row. I am really tired trying to understand this.

19 apr. 2010

Missing (A Lost Battle)

The words disturb the reality
I had to question my sanity
Invaded with your compliance
I had to give up my resistance

I remember perfectly the first moment I saw you.

Words are our only treasures
We can't really trust the memories
Fighting the demons of space and time
The world is build from game cards.

I miss making coffee in the morning.

Dreams swallow the universe
Painting our own existence
Reinventing the senses
And conquering thoughts.

I hate saying "good-bye", please don't make me do that again.

We are like one and the same
A resilient mystery
The perfect reflection of what can not be
We should stop conceiving existence.

I am afraid one day I'll miss you too much and I'll die.

17 mar. 2010


Hello love,

it's been eight years since then. Do you feel time? Does it overcome you? Are you old and wise? Are you brave and powerful? Do you have a wife and a child that support you? Do you gather lies as images of the past? Are you poor and tired? Are you a fool and an ignorant? Are you witty and resistant, magnificent and vibrant? Chocolate gave us hope and you kept us dreaming when the thoughts of demolition impaled the thinking as a broken course of action to an unforeseen caption of our moments.

It is over.

24 nov. 2009


Tired of me
of you
of all that was once desired
and carefully planned.
do you feel banned
out of life?
how do you erase yourself?
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
delete all mankind
if you still linger here.
In my mind.
Pain is only a physical reaction
to a long ago planned action
to disappear.
Are you proud?
Never to see eachother again
as if it even matters.
You were not aware.
Do you think?
At all?
I was never there.

2 mai 2009


Ten brave angels on my closet
Support every act of courage
And prepare the coffin
For the misunderstood beauty
And the sudden ravage.

There are angels on my closet
Applauding sincerity
Admiring straight fowardness
Blinded by the brightness
Of an idle morning.

Sparkling angels on my closet
Scare the pigeons with their laughter
Because my obscene ignorance
Hurt the certainly desirable pride
As we decided to stop all process.

Purple angels on my closet
Bow their heads
In complete fascination
With your charismatic self
And your knowledge.

Tired angels on my closet
Hold their breaths in amusment
And as they turn their backs on us
Avoiding every shortcut
They wave their hands good-bye.